I offer corporate workshops called "THE TRUTH ABOUT WEIGHT".  This weekly programme covers everything on weight loss.  From challenging the myths about diets right through to how stress and lack of sleep may affect weight gain.


The aim of this programme is to be able to lose weight safely and to actually keep it off.  You will be weighed on a weekly basis, the emphasis of this programme is to educate you on foods that nourishes and increases your energy levels.


My aim is to get you off the dieting roller coaster so you can lose weight safely – making sure it stays off.  There will be no public clapping or shaming for those who have, or have not, lost weight.  Weight loss is a private and personal experience.  If you are not losing weight, I will do my best to find out why and get you back on track.


SPORTS NUTRITION AND TIMING is focussing on getting the absolute best performance from an individual through diet and the correct nutrient timing.  Not through protein shakes, gels and other supplements.  I have had work published in Runners World and

H20 Open Water Swimming Magazine on sports nutrition.  And as a keen runner and love of outdoors, this subject is close to my heart.



You cannot cure diabetes. Once you have got it that is it. But you can manage it through medication, exercise and diet.  I give talks on straightforward and practical nutritional advice to groups and corporate clients on how to manage diabetes and general health.




One-on-One Consultations:  £75.00 for the initial consultation


Follow-up Consultations:   £50.00 for follow up appointments


Group Workshop Talks:  £250.00


Truth About Weight Individual 12-week course:  £45 per week

(Skype appointments available on request. )


All above costs include supporting hand-outs, recipes and food tasters.


I do charge an additional 0.40p per mile for any appointments beyond a 10 mile radius.

T: 0781 784 0493 | E: sue@crabtreenutrition.co.uk

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