I attended Sue’s 12 week weight loss programme in January 2014.  I weighed in at 19st 7lbs.  I was a very heavy vodka drinker and 40-a-day smoker.


Ten months down the line, I weigh 16st 13lbs.  I now only have the very occasional drink of larger and have just embarked on giving up smoking.  In the last thirty years I have struggled with my food, smoking and drinking addictions.  I have never met anyone who has taken so much time and with such a professional approach to help me conquer my demons.  I have seen Sue with other clients in our group and she always goes the extra mile to support and educate people on their lifestyle change in a friendly and professional manner.


Sue has helped me turn my life around and it’s had a positive impact on my whole life including my health, marriage, social life and my confidence.






The programme has always been welcoming.  It wasn’t intimidating at all and the weight loss was always private between Sue and the clients.  There is no group clapping.  It is more about education and realising that you can have things like cake but not too often.  Sue recommended dietary and lifestyle changes which have been manageable for the whole family.  I feel more confident and more energetic.  I can do more with my young daughter.  Before I wouldn’t have felt comfortable going into the soft play area with her because of how I felt I looked. But now I am more than happy to go running off after her and I just feel much better in myself.



Her husband Wayne also lost two stone just by following what Phoebe was eating.

I just wanted to thank you for providing such an enjoyable and informative course.  It has been a real eye opener and my task now is to continue with the new, healthier eating pattern.



I have found the course extremely professionally conducted with Sue being very knowledgeable.  I have previously been to traditional weight loss clubs, but this course was far more informative and was more concerned with your overall health and took into account the medication you may be on.  I rate this course as one of the best I have been on.  Sue is a very talented person.



Really interesting talk last night, and the taster session was really good with some great tips.  I tried hummus for the first time and really enjoyed it.  I find Sue so encouraging and she has a great knowledge of food science.



Every dieter should come to this course.  It doesn’t just tell you what to eat.  But why!



Not only has Sue helped me shift some very stubborn weight, I am actually eating a far healthier diet.  She has helped me regain some of my confidence and helped with mental emotions that were holding me back with her brilliant recommendations.


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